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Greg and Sheila Aplin have been involved with horses all of their lives. Greg has owned horses for thirty years and until the past two years, raising quarter horses was his passion. However, an accident while riding nearly changed Greg’s opinion of horses completely. Although an experienced horseman, Greg fell from his horse and suffered a crushed wrist and arm, requiring surgery and pins. His wife, Sheila, also experienced a similar misfortune at age twelve, which destroyed her confidence in horses for many years. Consequently, the Aplin family decided to look at other “calmer” breeds, such as gaited horses.

Greg and Sheila have enjoyed riding many types of gaited horses owned by friends and acquaintances over the past two years. Therefore, after “experiencing” these Tennessee Walkers and McCurdy Plantation horses, the Aplins’ have decided to build their own breeding program around double registered Tennessee Walking/McCurdy Plantation horses so that others may also enjoy a true “riding experience”.

Hence, our goal is to raise horses with an excellent disposition, gait and temperament, which are truly a pleasure to trail ride. The mares that we have purchased for our program are different sizes and colors including Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Tennessee Walkers, Racking, McCurdy, and double registered Tennessee Walking/McCurdy Plantation horses. We hope that you will take the time to view our selection of horses and we wish you the best in pursuit of finding the horse that best suits your needs!

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