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Welcome to Wiregrass Farms website, home of Greg Aplin, Ed Meadows and Tony Wells horse farms. We are thankful to have you view this site as we begin a new venture between the three of us to offer quality gaited horses through the following breeds: Double Registered TWH/McCurdy, McCurdy Plantation, and Spotted/TWH.

All of us have been breeding different types of horses for the past 15 to 25 years. During this time we have owned quarter horses and gaited horses. It is our belief that most people today are looking for one of three types of horses: pleasure or trail, performance, and/or field trial. In looking at the types of horses that we have owned or presently own, we knew that we couldn’t meet all of these types. Therefore, the three of us set out to find a breed or combination of breeds that we feel could do all three.

After meeting a lot of great people and looking at what they were doing and meeting many of the current founders of the McCurdy Plantation horse, we made our decision.  It is our goal to offer to breed and sell quality horses that meet the following characteristics: Confirmation, Calm Disposition, Versatile, Smooth Gait, and Great Stamina.

Take a look at the three pictures below. Each picture represents one of our three farms. Click on each farm and let us share our horses with you.



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